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Benefits of Motorized Retractable Awnings

Installing a motorized retractable awning is a great addition to any home. Due to Massachusetts’ hot and humid summer temperatures, awnings can significantly reduce air conditioning costs for homeowners, as well as improve the look of any outdoor space. But when it comes to choosing between manual and motorized retractable awnings, our awning experts at Mr Awnings recommend motorized for a variety of reasons.

The Benefits of Choosing Motorized Awnings

  • User-Friendly. Motorized retractable awnings usually come with a remote control for ease of use, while others may come with a stationary button or switch to retract and extend the awning. Whether it’s high noon or there’s rain in the forecast, it only takes a few moments to extend or retract your awning without the extra exertion.
  • Docking System Protection. Manual retractable awnings depend on the user to apply pressure on the lever or awning in order to extend or retract it. The inconsistent application of pressure while tugging and pulling the awning could lead to early wear and tear on the system. Motorized retractable awnings will always extend and retract the awning at a consistent pressure and speed in order to protect the docking system.
  • Automated Shut-Off. Sometimes with manual retractable awnings, the system doesn’t close or shut off properly. Motorized retractable awnings are programmed to close and shut off perfectly every time, which means the entire awning will be safe inside the holding cassette. The interlocking system is engineered to be weather resistant as well as ensure safety while you’re not at home.
  • Fabric Protection. Motorized retractable awnings are designed to extend your awning so that the fabric is perfectly taut. Manually retracting your awning could lead to unnecessary tension on the awning fabric when it’s extended, which in the long run could cause divots, rips or tears. Opting for a motorized awning will significantly improve the look of your awning’s fabric.
  • Better Protection & Savings. Due to improvements in awning technology, homeowners can now opt for awnings that have a weather sensor. In the event of strong winds, any motorized retractable awnings with these sensors will automatically retract in order to prevent damage to the awning. Although the initial cost may be higher for a motorized retractable awning, the investment is well worth it. Homeowners now have the ability to get involved in other activities around the house.

Thinking about choosing a motorized retractable awning for your outdoor space? Let Mr Awnings help you decide on the best awning for your needs. Contact us today to get a free estimate!

Benefits of Motorized Retractable Awnings
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