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Please complete the form below for a Fabric Replacement Quote.

Mr Awnings sells and installs replacement fabrics (recovers) for your retractable awning only. Please measure the size of your fabric (see picture for instructions). In order for us to provide you with a quote and order the correct size fabric, you must provide accurate dimensions of your existing fabric when the awning is open.

We do not service: Awtech, Aleko, Diensweek, Big lots, Ocean State awnings. We will however be happy to provide you with a quote to replace your existing awning. We do not service: fixed, stationary, non-movable, window or door awnings.

We need the following measurements and information. Please extend your awning to the maximum position when measuring. Please be aware that all dimensions provided to Mr Awnings are the reasonability of the person or company ordering the fabric replacement. Mr Awnings assumes no liability for the final dimensions provided and if ultimately the fabric fits the retractable awning to be serviced.

Measure Your Retractable Awning
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