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For over 16 years, Mr Awnings, a family-owned awning business, has been designing and installing retractable awnings for homeowners and commercial businesses in Massachusetts. We are more than happy to give you the information you need to understand retractable awnings. We can recommend a manual or motorized awning to help you solve your sun or weather problem that you are experiencing.

As no single manufacturer has all the products necessary to solve all problems, we represent several companies. As an authorized dealer for Sunsetter, Futureguard, Sunesta and other manufacturers, we offer a complete line of commercial and home awnings. Give us the chance to help you and we will do so by educating you, not selling you.

We treat all customers fairly and the same when it comes to pricing. We have established uniform pricing for all customers. We sell Sunsetter Awnings at the same price as if you bought it from Sunsetter directly, but you benefit by having us as your local dealer who will visit with you and install it for you. We will give you our best price as our first and only price. You can always be confident that someone didn’t receive a better price than you.

Please remember, At Mr Awnings, we’re not #1, you are!

Here are some questions that you should ask.

  • What is the difference between motorized and manual?
  • What effect does the weather have on the awning?
  • How long will the awning last?
  • Which awning is best?
  • Do I need installers?

We are located in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Call us today for a free quote!
(978) 774-4999

Mr. Awnings Exhibits Trust, Credibility And Reliability In The Marketplace. BBB Accredited Business For 15 Years.
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