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Choosing the Right Awning Fabric for Your Home or Business

Deciding to install a retractable awning for your home or business is a big decision! Before you make the investment, its important to determine what type of awning fabric is best for your home or business’ needs. There are a couple things you will need to take into account to help you choose the best fabric.

How Weather Determines Awning Fabric Choices

Living in New England has it’s perks: we get hot summers, colorful falls, snowy winters and beautiful springs year in and year out. However, excessive amounts of direct sunlight, consistently damp or foggy days and piles of accumulated snow should always be factored into the equation when purchasing your outdoor awning. Don’t forget to assess your outdoor space for overhanging trees and other hazards that might cause harm to a fully retracted awning.¬†After addressing the type of weather you tend to experience as well as the outdoor space, its time to make a decision on the fabric.

Canvas Awning Fabric

A popular awning material, canvas awnings existed before their acrylic counterparts. Canvas awnings are often chosen for their aesthetic looks rather than for being robust in the face of questionable weather. Due to the fabric’s semi-porous material, canvas awnings will need to be replaced more frequently than acrylic. However the material is less expensive than other types of fabric choices.

Acrylic Awning Fabric

This outdoor awning fabric has become increasingly popular for both homeowners and businesses due to it’s longevity. Its synthetic nature allows the awning to be more durable and favor better in rain, wind, and sun exposure. Although not 100% waterproof, this fabric still manages to repel¬†rain to a certain extent and is even resistant to mildew, humidity and direct sunlight.

Both acrylic and canvas awnings come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles to fit in with your current outdoor space and style. To order your retractable awning, contact Mr Awnings today for an estimate!

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