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Common Uses for Retractable Awnings

If you’re looking for outdoor options for your home that reduce sun exposure for your family and guests, retractable awnings are a great alternative to other options such as pergolas, privacy screens or shade sails. Retractable awnings are easy to install with the assistance of a professional awning installation company and their return on investment is tenfold due to their long lifespan. So what exactly are the uses for retractable awnings?

Aside from providing sun protection, a retractable awning can provide a number of other uses for both homeowners and businesses.

  • Reducing Utility Costs. Even though many people complain about the winters here in Massachusetts, the summers are equally as brutal in their own right. Retractable awnings can prevent UV rays from penetrating your windows during peak sun hours, which prevents your AC from running continuously and ultimately reducing energy costs over the course of the summer months.
  • Improve Curb Appeal. Whether you’re looking to improve your home’s value or curb appeal or you’re a business owner looking to attract more customers with a more welcoming facade, retractable awnings are a great option. Retractable awnings come in a wide variety of colors and there are hundreds of fabric selections to choose from as well to help customize your awning and make it unique to your space.
  • Protect Patio Furniture. Although patio furniture is designed and built with the intention to withstand the elements, the fact of the matter is that you may only get a few good years of use out of it before you notice some wear and tear — especially if the furniture contains wood or fabric. If you opt for an awning, you can retract it to cover your patio or deck furniture during peak sunlight hours. This will prevent the wood and fabric from bleaching in the sun.

As you can see, the uses for retractable awnings can help protect your health, and save you money!

At Mr Awnings, we offer both motorized and manual retractable awnings from industry-leading brands such as Sunsetter, Sunesta, FutureGuard and Graber. Contact us today to get your retractable awning installed in just a few hours so that your home or business will be ready for next spring!

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