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How Do Motorized Retractable Awnings Work?

Retractable awnings are the best solution when it comes to staying out of the sun while simultaneously enjoying the nice outdoor weather. They offer both protection and unobstructed views — but most importantly they are very simple to use and maintain.

Two Types of Retractable Awnings

There are two types of retractable awnings available: manual and motorized. Manual patio awnings are more inconvenient than their motorized counterparts because the user must crank a shaft either clockwise or counterclockwise to furl and unfurl the awning.

How Motorized Retractable Awnings Work

Motorized retractable awnings on the other hand don’t require the use of a cranking mechanism. Motorized awnings have telescopic arms which either push the awning out or pull the awning in smoothly and efficiently. All one needs to do in order to operate their motorized retractable awning is push a button. This button triggers the motor to spin quietly as it works to either retract or extend your awning. One of the biggest benefits is that the process of retracting or extending your motorized awning is discreet; we bet your guests won’t even realize you’re pushing a button as you continue to carry on a conversation!

At Mr Awnings, we provide our customers with the best motorized retractable awnings on the market. Awning name brands such as Sunsetter, SunSetter Platinum and Sunesta all offer a motorized option for easy, convenient use. If you’re looking to enjoy the beautiful fall season sunsets that we’re expecting this year, contact our professionals today.

SunSetter motorized awning
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