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How to Maintain and Clean Your Awning Fabric

Proper maintenance and care will help to extend the life of your awning. This includes addressing any issues before they become major problems, cleaning the awning fabric, and properly storing your awning away during the winter months.

Maintenance of Your Awning

The importance of maintaining your awning Maintenance of your awning begins with a scan for visible damage. Loose hardware, bent frames, and rust spots on metal parts should be addressed in a timely manner to assure the damage does not progress. Awning fabric should be checked as well to assure there are no tears or holes that could impede the performance of the awning. In many cases, the purchase of a new awning is not necessary as replacement parts and fabrics are available.

Clean Your Awning Fabric on a Regular Basis

Cleaning the fabric of your awning is important as well in the maintenance process. In order to prevent dirt from becoming deeply embedded in the fabric, hose down your awning with cold or lukewarm water on a monthly basis. For tougher grime, such as bird droppings, use water and a mild soap mixture sooner rather than later to avoid stains. To remove loose dirt, use a soft bristle brush. By regularly cleaning your awning in this manner it postpones the need for a deeper clean, which should typically only need to be done every two to three years, depending upon your environment.

Storage of Your Awning

If you are planning on storing your awning for the winter (which we strongly advise you do), it is particularly important to clean your fabric prior to storage to avoid potential mildew growth. Also, make sure to allow time for the fabric to throughly dry prior to storage as well.

Proper maintenance of your awning is important to assure it continues to look good and perform as expected for years to come. If you find your awning is in need of repair, contact Mr Awnings today at 978-774-4999 or via our website through our Awning Service page.

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