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Plan Memorable Gatherings Under Your Sunesta Retractable Awning

Autumn is fast approaching in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family under your retractable awning from Sunesta. A Sunesta retractable awning can shield you and your guests from direct sunlight, protecting your skin and keeping you cooler in the process. By utilizing a retractable awning to expand your useable outdoor area, you open your social gatherings to a world of possibilities!

Go Team!
Does your favorite sports team have an afternoon game? Pick up some appetizers and drinks and invite your friends over to watch the game outside under your retractable awning!

Ice Cream Social
Ice cream is a tasty summer treat that can be the center of a fun social event! Load up on toppings and let everyone pick their favorites while they enjoy spending time outdoors.

Grab The Popcorn
Hook up the projector and grab a bunch of pillows – it’s movie time! A retractable awning can provide the shade protection you need to have a relaxing and fun afternoon watching your favorite movie with friends and family.

Cocktail Hour
Sometimes you just need some time to unwind. What better way than to host a cocktail hour under your retractable awning with your friends or coworkers? Get out the glasses and make a toast to making every moment count!

With plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors before the winter weather arrives, now is the time to gather with friends and family. A retractable awning by Sunesta can make your outdoor space the perfect place to spend time together so you can make new memories you’ll treasure forever.

Don’t have a retractable awning? Contact our awning experts today to learn more and to get a free quote.

Sunesta retractable awning - the perfect place to plan social gatherings!

Create Lasting Memories with gatherings under a Sunesta Retractable Awning!

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