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What is a Retractable Awning, and Is It the Right Shade Choice For My Outdoor Space?

Retractable awnings are a unique and innovative way to provide shade for any outdoor space, including patios, decks, yards, roof gardens, verandas, terraces, or pool areas. Looking to learn more about this flexible shade option for your home? Here are some reasons why a retractable awning might be the best solution to fit your needs.

Retractable awnings can be mounted to your home’s exterior wall, or they can be set up as a freestanding unit, giving you flexibility in the places you can utilize this shade solution. Want to create a beautiful backyard oasis that gives you relief from the sun’s harsh rays after a refreshing dip in the pool? Do you enjoy relaxing on your deck, but you can’t do so as much as you’d like because there is no shade to give you a reprieve from the sun? Are there times when you want sun on your patio, and other times you want shade? If so, a freestanding retractable awning can be the perfect fit for you.

Looking for privacy? Retractable awnings can be fitted with built-in side curtains, which also gives you extra protection from the sun when needed. Looking for protection from the rain? The dual cover option provides a water-resistant roof for days when the weather is less than ideal so don’t have to wait to enjoy your outdoor space.

Retractable awnings can also give you more height than a regular awning for a more airy feel during your outdoor entertaining.

And with a large selection of fabric colors, you can easily match your awning to your style preference and home décor.

If you prefer a classic style for your awning, a retractable pergola awning would check that box on your wishlist. A pergola awning utilizes horizontal rafters for a more classic and elegant look, while still providing all the features of a regular retractable awning.

Already have a pergola? A awning system that retro-fits to your existing structure is possible! Spend more time enjoying your outdoor space with added shade protection from an under pergola awning system.

Ready to get more enjoyment from of your outdoor space? Contact Mr Awnings today for a free consultation and quote on a retractable awning system!

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