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How to Determine What Awning Color is Best for your Business

Awnings are available in all sizes, shapes, and colors which makes it easy to customize the exterior appearance of your business. When it comes to purchasing an awning for your company, did you know that the specific color of your awning can affect your bottom line? At Mr Awnings, we’re here to help you determine what the best awning color is for your business.

What to Consider When Choosing an Awning Color

First, there are a few things to consider that can help you narrow down your choices. Take a look at the interior of your business — what colors or patterns have you used? We recommend adopting the same interior color scheme for your exterior look. Do some research about your industry as sometimes colors are associated with different types of businesses. For example, a spa might choose purple or blue, whereas a health food store may choose green or brown-colored awnings. Lastly, if your company has a logo, try to incorporate a few of those colors into your awning choice.

Popular Awning Color Choices

  • Red. Red is a noticeable color often used to generate urgency or excitement. New restaurants, urgent care centers, and toy stores will often use red to catch the attention of passerby.
    Example: Target
  • Orange. Although not a popular awning choice for many businesses, this color could work to your advantage as a result. If you own a small business, an orange awning will help you stand out against some more established competitors; giving customers the notion that you’re new and different.
    Example: Orange Theory Fitness
  • Green. Symbolizing growth, money, health, and nature, green is one of the most popular awning colors for grocery stores, hotels, and cafes. Green is an inviting color that’s perfect for almost any business.
    Example: Starbucks
  • Blue. The color blue symbolizes trust and wisdom — which is why many insurance companies and banks choose this color for their awnings. Any type of business in the service industry (auto, technology, etc.) will benefit from a shade of blue for their awning.
    Example: Chase Bank
  • Black. Representing sophistication, strength, and power, black awnings are usually popular with law firms, high-end restaurants, and boutique clothing shops. A black awning also works well for businesses that have simple, white-colored company logos.
    Example: Apple

Aside from these five colors, there are many others to choose from. At Mr Awnings, we offer dozens of awning colors in hundreds of different shades and hues from popular brands such as SunsetterSunSetter PlatinumSunesta, and FutureGuard. Interested in boosting your business’ appearance and bottom line? Contact Mr Awnings today for a Free Shading Consultation at 978-774-4999.

How to Determine What Awning Color is Best for your Business
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