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SunSetter Platinum Plus Semi Cassette Retractable Awnings

Our Platinum Plus and Platinum Plus XL models are state of the art semi-cassette awnings. When your awning is closed, the fabric is retracted into a permanently-installed aluminum semi-cassette hood that protects your awning all year round from dirt, rain, wind, and snow. The elegant design provides a more contemporary finished look than a traditional uncovered retractable awning, while reducing the wear and tear on your fabric – which means even more years of enjoyment to come!

Like all motorized SunSetter awnings, you can retract the awnings back against your house in seconds with our one-touch remote control.

Superior Protection

  • Features Sunbrella fabrics, blocking harmful UV rays to protect your furniture, flooring, and your skin.
  • SunSetter Platinum Awnings reflect and absorb heat which can reduce home cooling energy consumption and costs.
  • 10-year limited warranty ensures an investment that will last for years to come.

Exceptional Fabric

  • Sunbrella fabrics are engineered with performance in mind
  • Guaranteed to protect you from the rain and will last against the suns harmful UV rays.
  • Resistant to chemicals and mildew
  • Acrylic fabrics offer the soft look and feel of cotton, but won’t fade over time

Accessory Options

  • Front Solar Shade – Available on motorized awnings to further protect you from the sun and wind.
  • Dimming LED Lights – Set the mood and increase visibility at night
  • Wind Sensor – Automatically closes your motorized awning as needed

Platinum Plus Model

Widths and Fabrics:
14 ft. to 20 ft. in Sunbrella® fabric

Projection Out from House:
Extends 10 ft. 2 in.

Platinum Plus XL Model

Widths and Fabrics:
14 ft. to 20 ft. in Sunbrella® fabric

Projection Out from House:
Extends 11 ft. 8 in.

SunSetter Platinum Photo Gallery

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