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Sunsetter Motorized Pro & XL Awnings
SunSetter Awnings

Our top of the line SunSetter Awnings

Now simply press a button and get cool shade and protection instantly. The PRO and PRO XL Awnings operate effortlessly in seconds, so you can control the weather on your deck or patio. They are the ultimate in convenience, protection, and affordability.

The SunSetter motorized PRO awning includes all of the most popular SunSetter features as standard: an ultra-reliable Somfy® motor, the one-touch convenience of a remote control, and beautiful woven acrylic fabric. Plus, it includes a built-in front Weatherbreaker Panel to block sun and wind. It’s the finest awning you can own—yet costs hundreds less than custom-built awnings that don’t even offer the same features.

It can be up to 20 degrees cooler under your awning and you’ll be protected from 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. In fact, it’s permanently attached to your home so there’s no need to remove it in winter—just roll it up!

All of our PRO awnings are a “lateral arm” style. The motor operates strong support arms that open and close horizontally under the awning canopy.

The PRO XL Awning is identical to the PRO model, except that it offers greater projection (it extends out from your house up to 13 ft. 1 in. – see details below).

These exceptional awnings give you the same features – or better – than other electric awnings that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars more.

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Motorized PRO & PRO XL Awning Facts:

Awning Style:
Lateral arms open and close horizontally under the canopy, with push button Remote Control.

Widths and Fabrics:
Motorized Model
8 ft. – 18 ft. (Woven Acrylic Fabric Only)
19 ft. – 20 ft. (Woven Acrylic Fabric Only)
Motorized XL Model:
14 ft. – 20 ft. (Woven Acrylic Fabric Only)

Fabric Color Choices:
Woven Acrylic Fabric and Color Choices

Frame Color Choices:
White, Cream

Extends Out from Your House:
PRO Model:
8 ft. wide awning extends 7 ft.
10 ft. – 11 ft. awnings extend 9 ft.
12 ft. – 20 ft. awnings extend 10 ft. 2 in.
PRO XL Model:
11 ft. 8 in. or 13 ft. 1 in.

Minimum Mounting Height Needed for Installation:
7 ft. 6 in.

Mr Awnings is an Authorized SunSetter Dealer and offers professional installation.

Install On:
Any surface, including wood, brick, stucco, aluminum, and vinyl siding. Can be installed directly on eaves and overhangs. Just choose the soffit mount brackets when ordering.

Electricity Required:
Both the PRO and PRO XL have a standard 18 ft. plug-in cord, optional 24 ft. cord available. We strongly recommend a ground fault interrupter-style outlet.

Limited Warranty:
5 year Warranty
Optional All-Weather Warranty

Dimming LED Lights
Somfy® myLink™
Protective Aluminum Hood
Wireless Wind Sensor
Patio Lights
Awning Cover
Front and Side
Weatherbreaker Panels
Cleaning Kit
SunSetter Mats

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